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Nursery places for two to five year olds are available for more information

please call 01535 605272 or email
Funded places are 8.45am to 11.45am for mornings or
12.30pm to 3.30pm for afternoons, or 8.45am to 3.30pm for two and a half day places.
30 hours places also available for 3 year olds.





Wrap around provision times are from 7.30am-5.30pm Monday - Friday

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Our Parent/Carer Views

See below our Parent/Carer Comments and click on the link to view our 2022-2023 Parent/Carer Questionnaire

"The nursery is fantastic & the staff are amazing!"

"Never had any problems or concerns with Strong Close nursery – each and every staff member have been absolutely amazing with A and I would highly recommend the nursery especially for children with SEN."

"Communication is good with all staff members."

"My child is very happy here."

"The new animals makes learning fun for all children."

"Good information regarding events happening in our area through emails."

"ES has grown in confidence so much since being at SCNS.  The staff in Red Room have done everything to ensure she is happy and really show they care about her and how she is doing.  I can’t thank them enough for all the help and support the have given."

"S loves coming to nursery.  He has developed good relationships with the staff.  Helped him develop his speech hugely – doesn’t stop talking ever now."

"Helped with my child’s learning and progress a lot."

"Very well structured & organised. S has come on leaps and bounds since she started."

"The most beneficial about School – the staff is nice, supportive and friendly."


"The teaching staff having up to date SEN training & understanding of needs.  That the staff have the right support in place to allow them to attend fully to their roles.  This has a big impact on the setting so it’s important that staff feel motivated & rewarded & this shines through to the setting & the children regulation/happiness."

"Strong Close has been amazing with my child.  He has SEND, but they involve him in everything and create things especially for him.  They go above and beyond for him."

"I do not have a bad word for this nursery."

"Thank you for putting time into my child and involving him in everything you do."

"Strong Close has been amazing from the very first day.  Z loves coming and is always settled.  He has developed so well with the love and support he has received.  Robina has especially been fantastic with Z lovely handover every day and a great support for us especially when sorting out primary school.  You all are wonderful and so supportive – means a lot to parents."

"The staff in purple room have been outstanding with Y.  I was very apprehensive about Y starting but I was soon put at ease with how affectionate and attentive they have been with him."

"A has become more calm since starting nursery.  He has learnt lots of new things with the help and support of his teachers, its been incredible watching him grow and seeing the great impact and difference of A from the beginning of his journey at Strong Close to the end!"

"Communication is great.  Weekly updates are useful.  Excellent outdoor space.  Well organised."       

"Very happy with the nursery as a whole."

"All excellent…. Not sure what more can be done/improve."

"Everything is -perfect.  Thank you so much."

"We are really pleased with the progress H has made whilst at Strong Close. He enjoys coming to nursery and exploring. He can now tell us all about it when he comes home. He will really miss you all too! You have been a massive part of his learning journey but know he is now ready for his next one at school."

"So happy Z has had a wonderful experience at Strong Close and has thrived. We will definitely miss you all."

"He has progressed a lot and enjoyed his time here."

"We are very happy with H’s progress in her confidence and learning which I believe was possible with the impact of Strong Close Nursery School. She is a very confident, happy and motivated girl and we appreciate the efforts of her teacher to bring her to that level."

"H has settled and developed really well throughout her time at Strong Close. She is more than ready for school. Thank you for all your help."

"Reading A’s report has brought a tear to my eye. I cannot thank you all enough for being such an important part of A’s life. He has grown and learnt so much from you all. Such amazing people who have always tended to A with the understanding, love and care he needs. We will miss you!"

"I am so pleased with the progress N has made this year. She loves her teachers and loves coming to nursery. She will miss everyone. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into N. It is much appreciated! Thank you to all the staff at Strong Close. We will miss you all very much."

"Could I take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with the quality of care my daughter receives at the nursery. Special thanks go to all the staff in red room who have made this time a truly fabulous experience for her. The team's effort and professionalism is a joy to see."

"I wanted it to be noted that whilst the nursery is still newish for my son, I can't help but notice how quickly he has settled. I was expecting it to be a big change and thought that it would probably take quite a while to accept the change. However, thankfully, not only has he adjusted to the change but seems to be thriving in this nursery provision. As a parent, this is incredibly reassuring that he is happy and he will be ok. Additionally, when we tell him he is going to nursery in the morning of the days he attends, he will repeat to us 'nursery' or 'nursery nice.' We have had a parents evening consultation which was very positive and she also spoke about other things, outside of nursery such as dummy, toilet training etc and it was nice to know that all this support is there and we can work together. It was also mentioned that there were reading books about having a new sibling in the family, which again is lovely, as it shows that nursery isn't viewing what goes on at home as a separate entity but realised that this could affect his social/emotional well-being and supporting him adequately and holistically. I had initially thought that I will reconsider nursery once my mum comes back from abroad, however I feel like this is a great nursery and I now wish for my daughter to join the nursery next year too. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the staff for all their good work also so please could you filter my feedback to the head as I feel the great work of your staff needs to be recognised. "

See below our Parent/Carer Comments and click on the link to view our 2021-2022 Parent/Carer Questionnaire

Parent and Carer Comments from 2021 to 2022

“Where do I start, this nursery has been amazing for A, she has loved it here and will be very sad for her
to leave. The staff and children have been so good with her. When A started she struggled with talking,
leaving mum, learning even to eat we had to distract her just to even eat. She has come on so much
here, I do believe this is due to her teachers and learning from friends. I really appreciate all the help
and input she has had from you all.”
“It is a brilliant nursery school and children are very lucky to have it in the area.”
“I believe there is nowhere better I could’ve sent Archie, the support, care and commitment of the staff
to each individual child’s needs is admirable. I appreciate the challenges being a teacher must bring but
they never show it, they always smile are friendly and provide a warm welcome.”
“It has been a pleasure to bring E to nursery and see how much she has thrived under everyone’s care I
can’t thank you enough, it is with much gratitude to each and everyone of you I write this. You will all
be greatly missed. Thanks for all your care and time.”
“Or child enjoys watching Facebook videos. She revisits them often. Christmas pudding is something she
loves. We noticed her singing Christmas pudding over Eid this year😊”
“Strong Close nursery school is an exceptional nursery, I have learnt so much about M and his needs.”
“Communication has been great. N has formed good relationships with staff. Good variety of activities
are planned, fantastic outdoor space.”
“My child wasn’t very social when first starting and struggled to make new friends but nursery teachers
and staff have helped her with this a great deal, she is no longer shy and awkward with new people and
can make friends easily now.”
“Nursery staff who are welcoming and interested in A’s likes/dislikes & meeting her needs. Being
understanding & listening to concerns or difficulties. Being open to changes to accommodate her needs
and trialing new methods to help her regulate etc. Having fantastic SENCO is massively important &
willing to help A and parents with concerns /questions.”
“Strong Close nursery is a warm and welcoming nursery that really makes me feel comfortable leaving
my child with the lovely, caring, considerate and understanding staff. My child has come on leaps and
bounds since starting at nursery last year, he gets great stimulation and good time and attention to suit
his needs. 😊”

See below our Parent/Carer Comments and click on the link to view our 2020-2021 Parent/Carer Questionnaire

Parent and Carer Comments from 2020 to 2021

"I have had two children attend Strong Close Nursery and it has been the best decision for us as a family. I would like to thank each member of staff for being so nurturing and basically amazing!! As a nursery it has always felt so warm and welcoming, even when concerns have been brought to teachers attention. It never felt like a problem to speak to them and things are dealt with quickly and proactively. Through this last year with Covid, I have been amazed at how 'normal' they have been able to keep nursery, and somehow kept everyone safe without making it scary for the children. Each member of staff is so caring and supportive and always willing to help. I can honestly say how happy I am to have had both my children come to Strong Close. I think they have both felt prepared to move on to Reception class because of all the hard work everyone at nursery puts in."

"I just want to say that Strong Close Nursery is absolutely amazing. My daughter adjusted so quickly. She absolutely loves going to nursery. They've helped out tremendously with the potty training which I myself struggled to do. They keep me up to date with how A is doing. The staff have put my A in awe. She can't stop talking about you guys and nrsery. Strong Close you have definitely won me over! It's such an amazing nursery, with lots to do. A can't stop talking about her day, everyday. I just want to thank you all for creating a wonderful atmosphere, and for giving A a wonderful start."

"Thank you so much for all your continued support over the past year. We are so proud of K in all that he has achieved. He will miss you all."

"A has learnt so much in her time at nursery, always really happy to tell me everything that she has been doing. A has loved her time with you all and will take all that she has learnt to ‘big school’ with her. Thank you all so much."

"I would like to say thank you to all staff at Strong Close. J enjoyed every day at nursery, loved playing outside and was well looked after. He will miss all his colleagues and teacher."

"Z has always been a confident girl and used to look forward to going to nursery every day. She talks about having a good bond with her teachers which I am pleased about."

"I am happy with my child’s experience at Strong Close nursery, A was always quiet but ever since he started nursery he has become more talkative which I am very happy about."

" Both parents are so happy with how J has come on in nursery. She is very bright and talented. Strong Close /staff are really lovely and reassuring. We both would give 5* ratings for such a great nursery."

Strong Close Nursery School, Airedale Road, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD21 4LW. Phone 01535 605272.
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