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Nursery Places are available for more information please call 01535 605272 or

07548532809 or E.mail
Our usual wrap around provision times are from 7.30am-5.30pm Monday - Friday term time





However due to COVID 19 we are now offering a more limited service
Please call 01535 605272 for more information.

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School Improvement Plan

We have 3 areas in our school’s improvement plan. Each area has a number of aspects. We review each aspect and identify a range of priorities each year. We plan for each priority on our action plan.

Area: Leadership and Management

This covers developments across all 3 schools
• Strategy & Improvement
• Teaching & Curriculum Excellence
• Resources & Risk

Area: Nursery School Improvement

This is specific to each school
• Attainment and Progress
• Planning & Curriculum
• Classroom Organisation and Resources

Area: Resources

This covers developments across all 3 schools
• Buildings
• Administration

If you would like a copy of our most recent Improvement Plan please email

Strong Close Nursery School, Airedale Road, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD21 4LW. Phone 01535 605272.
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